Castle of the Month: Bayers

November 21, 2009

Chateau de BayersChateau de Bayers

Our castle for November-December is Chateau de Bayers, a jewel of a castle near the town of Aunac in the farm country of south-west France. Built on a hilltop near the River Charente in the 15th century on an 11th century foundation and recently restored as a labor of love, it is open to summer visitors. Its most notable feature is a massive crenellated tower, above. Below, we are treated to a personal tour of the castle and grounds by the chatelaine herself, the wife of the retired village doctor, who was delighted to show her castle to a visiting American.


This farmland area has lost many of its working farms as the children have grown and moved to Paris, while the farmhouses have been sold to budget-minded English retirees. We are reminded of the 1919 song in which the farmer’s wife waits for her soldier boy to return from the War, but her husband knows better. Do you know the song? Click here for a rendition that will pick you up faster than a cup of Kenya AA.


Castle photos by Jerry White of The Staging Prince.

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